Chapter 9 - Classifieds

Users Guide

Chapter 9. Classifieds

Imagine having the power to run a Classifieds section of a Newspaper or Magazine! Ok, (poof!) now you can with your website and you will not need any programming skills to get it to work either, because your website has the capability built in. The categories and such are chosen by the SoNET network owner who you got this website from. If you have a need for something simply ask them and they can add it in seconds because iRadek Software made sure they get to use powerful Web Design Automation technology too, so it's easy for them to hook you up.

Click the MANAGE CLASSIFIEDS control link.

Once you click the link you will see the following screen. Click the ADD NEW CLASSIFIEDS button to ad a new entry.

NOTE: If you have some adds already then they will be visible here and you can EDIT and DELETE them.

Choose the options for your posting and use the powerful editor to make it look just right. You can even SELL your stuff right from the Ad by simply using the PayPal button to setup. This only takes seconds and you can be ready to sell on your new website (Woot!).

NOTE: The specific categories available to you for Ad postings are determined by the owners of the network you are on.

Choose how much, how long and type of quantity then upload your images and get everything just right. Sell, Sell, Sell. Click SAVE when you are done.

You can EDIT or DELETE postings at any time. Notice that the Views and Comments are being tracked for you so you know what's HOT!

Visitors can search for ads and see what you have to offer, by going to your Classifieds page. As usual, if you want to call it something else because you found a different way to use the functionality, then go for it (how many Internet technology manuals have you EVER seen that say "go for it"; we bet the answer is ZERO :)