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Chapter 7 - Managing Users

Users Guide

Chapter 7. Managing Users

Since you can make your website public or private you will need the ability to invite people and restrict who can view what or do what on your website. You may treat your website like a little social network of sorts and for this we have given you some tools to help you do so, easy and fast with no webmaster, computer guru, geek-ninja skills, or anything else complicated.
Click the MANAGE USERS control link.

Once you have clicked the link you will see the following screen. Here you can see who is a member of your site and control their accounts.

NOTE: Clicking the EDIT link will allow you to add information in the form of a note (shown only to you) about each member.

Clicking a members picture (all the over to the left) will show you that members profile.

To approve a new member who joined you website you can either do so from the email you get (which has a link) that says "YOU CAN APPROVE THE USER HERE"

-or- by logging into your site, going to the ADMIN section and clicking the MANAGE USERS control link. Next you can click the checkbox that says APPROVED for the member you want to have access to you website.

NOTE: "PUBLIC" websites mean that ANYONE has access to ALL your content and can leave comments if they choose.

NOTE: The OPTED OUT checkbox is NOT under you control. This will show who has decided NOT to allow you to email blast them.

Clicking the APPROVED checkbox will result in the following conformation screen being shown. You will need to click the APPROVE button to allow the new member.

NOTE: If you want your users immediately approved without this confirmation, check the DO NOT SHOW THIS MESSAGE AGAIN checkbox.

Un-Checking the checkbox will take away a members privileges and they WILL NOT be allowed to view or comment on your website. You will need to click the BLOCK button to restrict the user from using your website.

You can message all your members at once or just selected members. Click the EMAIL USERS button. On TOP of the column of members is the select all checkbox which allows you to mass message ALL the members shown on that page. Click the SEND EMAILS button to send your message.

NOTE: The amount of members you can email at once is controlled by the network owner.

NOTE: Each user may opt-out using the link provided in each email.

Clicking a members PICTURE from here will show you that members profile WITH that members e-mail address.

Once you have clicked the SEND EMAILS button the progress bar will appear until the task is done.

Click the CLOSE button.

To create a member you will need to click the INVITE NEW USER button. An automatic message will send to the email address you added for the member which contains the username and password. You may use the default invitation -or- type a custom message which will be saved so you can use it again later.

Once you are ready to send the invitation click the CREATE NEW USER AND SEND HIM/HER THE INVITATION link. Check the SEND INVITATION checkbox if you really want to send the invitation. If you UN-check the same box, the invitation will save but not send, assuming that you want to use it later.

NOTE: Once the link is clicked the user is created and the email invitation is sent. Clicking again will result in a message that the account already exist.

NOTE: Click the SEND ME A COPY OF THIS INVITATION checkbox to get a copy of the invitation in your email box.

You can also add your profile info to let other know a little more about you or just to show a picture next to your comments. Click the MY PROFILE link once logged into your site (its at the top) next to MEMBERS / FIND OTHERS etc. You can also select to show your profile or not, to other members of your website by clicking the PRIVACY radio button next to your choice.

To upload your picture click the BROWSE button, find it then click the UPLOAD button to add it. You will need to click the SAVE CHANGES control to save the whole thing.

NOTE: Only ONE picture is allowed on a profile but it can be changed at any time.

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