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Chapter 6 - Contact Forms

Users Guide

Chapter 6. Contact Forms

One of the most powerful reasons to have a website is the fact that you can collect lead information via contact forms! SoNET powered websites benefit from the ability to create customized data collection forms, they can be as simple as a contact form or as complicated as a survey and best of all you decide what you want. Getting it to work is taken care of by your website with no developer or programming skills needed.
Click the MANAGE CONTACT FORMS link from the Admin controls on the side (as usual, if you want another name for the Contact Form because you want to use it for another purpose like a survey, simply change the name of the navigation button and save it)

Once clicked the following screen shows

The Results (collected information) tab will show what has been collected from the form so you keep all the information you collect and with notifications you can even forward the info to your phone, so you know when you have a lead and get all the info you need right away (woot!). You even Edit and Delete the entries.

Click the ADD NEW CONTACT FORM button to select from the default templates or create your own NEW form.

Once clicked the following screen appears where you can choose from some pre-defined forms or make your own custom form.

The Basic Contact Form is the default. You can customize the actual information collection fields for the forms. To see what each field can do, click the settings for it. You can Add New Field or delete those you do not want or need.

Many options are available for fields like: Single Line Text, Dropdown Menu's, Check Boxes, Multiple Choice Selections and other useful features to help you make whatever kind of form you want FAST!

Clicking SETTINGS gets you the options for that field

The Properties of the Basic Contact Form (where you can name it and save details about it as well as setup where the collected information should be e-mailed). This is also where you turn on of off other features like instant Video Chat (on networks where it is an option), select if you want to save anything from the form in your archives or if you wish to Lock (turn off) the form.

The Texts that will show on your contact form can be changed also. If you like you can upload a picture to and album on your site and use HTML after it is uploaded to make it display here, that trick works for almost any content you like if you really want graphics on your contact form, just save your code as an HTML page, open it up in your browser and cut/paste it in here. NOTE: Some networks may have this ability turned off so spammers can't graffiti the sites.

This is what a visitor to your site will see (in this case a Basic Form is being used).

Top 3 Reasons to use to build your new website:

1. Your Webmaster is too slow.

LPK7 Websites are created fast. As a matter of fact they are created nearly instantaneously. There is NO faster way to get a website up and running and for the last 10 years we have had an open challenge to everyone to beat our speed. Bottom line, the challenge is still open! We watched the entire industry go from providing service in days, to weeks, to hours and some even to minutes, while we have always been instant and feature packed, since 2008.

2. Your Webmaster is too expensive.

You can have a free website on If you need any of the premium features after your trial period ends, then you can have an unlimited site with all available functionality for as little as $139 USD per year. Landing Pages are just $10 USD yearly (sites with a reduced amount of features that are usually used for marketing and promotions). Like we have said and continue to say "if you find a better deal, take it".

Another reason your current site is too expensive is that the solution your webmaster uses requires them to administrate your site and there are only so many hours in the day for them to do that. Eventually they get overwhelmed with too much to do and your customer service experience goes down the drain. The Content Management System your webmaster uses has also been proven to have security holes which must be patched constantly with modules and updates. This also takes time and must be attended to. The combination is overwhelming and you pay the cost. is much more secure, runs automatically and you are your own administrator, so you are in total control. The editing interface is very easy to use and has been tested and used for over a decade by people in all countries. When we get feedback, we fix the issues and by doing so have gotten them out of the way of our users. All of this cuts down the cost of providing you an extremely useful, fast and safe solution.

3. Your Website does not have the features or functionality you want.

Your LPK7 Website comes with everything built in and ready to go immediately. Features like a Custom Form Engine, Image SlideShow, SEO Tool, Custom Domains, Full HD Video, Audio uploads, Public Announcements, A Profile for all your Site Members, 5 Privacy Levels, Comments for all your content, Ratings for all your uploads, Unlimited Photo's, a Blog with RSS feeds, unlimited numbers of Pages, useful Widgets, a Calendar, Multiple Forms on the same page, Instant Video Chat (no download, no install), Ecommerce Shopping Cart, Merchant Account support, PayPal support, eMail Blasting (no need to pay for another service) and much more than you get from other services. Everything is ready to go the moment you sign in.


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