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Chapter 4 - The Journal

Users Guide

Chapter 4. Journal (Using the Notepad / Journal)

The MANAGE JOURNAL control lets you add a page with simple short text entries. Since the button itself can be renamed like all navigation buttons on your site; it can be used as a Diary, FAQ, Journal or Note Pad on your website. Click the MANAGE JOURNAL control from the Admin control area.

Once the MANAGE JOURNAL control is clicked you will see the screen below

You can edit and existing entry by clicking the EDIT control which is next to the date of an existing entry. Click UPDATE when you want to save it.

Click ADD NEW JOURNAL ENTRY. You can change the date as well on each entry if you like. Once you are done click the INSERT link.

The Journal Settings. Click the SETTINGS tab when you want to select if a DATE should be shown next to each posting.

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