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The Fast, Free, Easy Website Builder.

Easy to use, Simple to learn, Automatic and loaded with everything you need, right away. Do it yourself (DIY) Websites, generated in less than a few seconds means that this is the fastest business site maker on Earth, since 2007. You can instantly make changes to your site anytime you like without losing any information. Now, that is convenience.

Make Landing Pages in SECONDS not hours.

Your page comes with the features you need to collect leads (Lead Generation) and build your email list(s). This is a simple solution to a seemingly complex problem that does not require time or resources nor a webmaster or web developer, this is instantaneous gratification.

F.A.Q's - Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. How to build a website quickly?
A. LPK7 is automatic and everything is included. There is nothing to install. There are no modules to update. Nothing is faster. Anyone who says they are is free to challenge us on live television in front of an audience at any time. As a matter of fact, we double dare you.

Q. How to get a secure eCommerce website up and running?
A. LPK7 includes eCommerce, automatically and instantly. PayPal buttons are built in and you can use your Converge/Elavon, PayFlow or Authorize merchant account. There is nothing to install. No guru is needed. All of our payment integrations are PA-DSS secure. You do not come into contact with any payment information as we only use secure payment forms. LPK7 websites are covered by a secure certificate so all connections to this website or any sites it generates are via SSL with 2048bit security This is well in excess of the standard required by other providers. If you use your own custom domain name then you must also use your own certificate, which we can install for you (our technical support will be required in this case).

Your site visitors and your merchant services provider will check your site for the GREEN LOCK in the address bar which signifies that the site is secure. All web browsers will show this and some will warn you if the site is not secure, immediately. If your provider does not provide a secure website automatically then LEAVE THEM IMMEDIATELY as this is a 100% requirement of ALL legitimate websites and NO SEARCH ENGINE will rank your site without a secure certificate.

Q. What kinds of instant websites allow SEO?
A. All websites from LPK7 feature actual working Search Engine Optimization tools onboard. You do not need any previous SEO experience to use them and they actually work. We do not need to scam you with ridiculous guarantees nor do we charge extra for these standard tools.

About Us.

The web engine that runs has been used by people in every country on the planet and from all walks of life, who have proven it is easy to use. This is what to use when the other website builders are too slow, too complicated, too expensive or don't have the features you want. If you find a better deal, then you should take it.

Build Websites in seconds with LPK7, the world's fastest website maker.

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