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Top 3 Reasons to create a website instantly with

1. The time it takes to build a website via ANY other means available.

There is no method, service or webmaster that can build a fully functional, responsive website with as many features in as short a time. Since 2008, is the fastest way to get your new site online. Nothing comes close, we will repeat this fact, NOTHING is as fast.

2. Everything and everyone else is more expensive by direct comparison.

There is no method, service or webmaster that provides a website with the combination of all features and functionality plus the security and quality, you yourself can instantly make via

Since 2008, has been the lowest cost way to get your new site online. Nothing comes close, we will repeat this fact, NOTHING is as economical (if you do not use premium features then your site is FREE = no cost whatsoever and we do NOT collect your payment information. No credit card needed).

3. Everything your websites needs is included and works immediately.

There is nothing to upgrade. Nothing needs to be patched. Our proprietary technology has been tested and used by people in ALL countries for over a decade and as a result we do not have the "issues" your current provider has. We understand that you are NOT a webmaster and even if you are you are here because you don't have the time to waste "fixing things" and are looking for a better way, period.

Features like a Custom Forms, Multiple Forms on a single page, Unlimited Pages, eCommerce, Merchant Account support, Automatic SlideShows, Uploading from .ZIP files, Instant Everything, On page SEO Tools, Full HD Video, Audio uploads, Public Announcements, Website Member Profiles, 5 Privacy Levels ranging from no public comments to "not even the search spider can read my site" are available, Comments for all your content, Ratings for all your uploads, Unlimited Photo's (you can NOT post more photo's at whatever service you use now), a Blog with RSS feeds, a Calendar, Instant Video Chat (no download, no install), eCommerce Shopping Cart, eMail Blasting (no need to pay for another service) and much more than you get from other services combined. We give you exactly what you wanted and need. The difference is you get more, instantly and it all works without you having to do anything.

Instantly Create A Free Website.
Make A Landing Page Instantly.

LPK7 is the fastest free website maker / builder / creator. Since 2007 we have had an open challenge to everyone, anywhere to prove they are as fast and nobody has even come close. We're feature packed and everything you need for a business website is included like support for pictures, videos, audio, live videoCHAT, eCommerce, unlimited custom forms, e-Mail blasting, memberships, SEO tools, FaceBook Pixel support, Analytics support, Advertising, blogging and much more. Best of all, your site is free if you do not use certain premium features. This is the fastest free site builder online. If you find a better deal, take it.


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